The Vedic Hindi School has come a long way from the summer of 2008 when it started with its humble motive of culture preservation through the promotion of the Hindi Language. Determined mothers became teachers. We were encouraged by community and helped by experts in India to create structured Hindi curriculum. We have volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds and together, we run the Hindi School with a total enrollment of over 200+ students each year spread into more than 9 classes. Efforts are ongoing for Hindi to be introduced in Elementary and Middle Schools in the regular timetable. This will make Hindi even more accessible to young learners across the state.

Our annual program is most loved program by students and parents. Annual program dates are aligned with thier respective ISD school calendar. We provided books/workbooks as part of registration package. During annual program students have exercise/work activities and each topic will be having quiz, projects on our propriety Hindi Platform. The annual program is divided into three semesters and each semester have semester end exams followed by annual exam end of the school year.

There are no pre-requisites for students to join our annual program (Whether you or your parents speaks hindi at home or not; does not hinder your eligibility to join). We need your interest in learning and time commitment of approximately 2 hours/week for classes and almost an hour for homework/studying/quizzes per week. Our annual year grading plan consist of class attendance, homework assignments, semester exams and final exam.


Our annual program dates are aligned with respective ISD school calendars.

Program Duration - Starts in August and finishes in May

Class Frequency - Once in Week (mostly weekends)

Class Length - 2 Hour per Week

Class Fees - $299 for Whole School Year + Administrative Fees


We aligned our curriculum with LOTE’s 5 C standards. we have Implemented a standards-based and thematically organized curriculum focused on facilitating a learner-centered classroom. Using target language and providing comprehensible input for instruction, we integrate culture, content, and language into our classroom. We adapted and used age-appropriate authentic materials and conduct performance-based assessments.

Over the years, we have developed unique delivery methodology of practical learning compliment by latest tools and technology.


Try couple of weeks for free to see the interest of your children. We are the outcome of commited community parents like you. Our objective is to create a fun and loving environment for the children to learn hindi language and Indian culture, such that children develop into empowered youth and foster respect for all communities and individuals.

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