Hindi is a not a very complex language. we are making it one of the easiest language to learn. The grammar and pronunciation of Hindi is very easy. So do you think you are ready to begin your journey to Learn Hindi? Then you are in the right place.The Hindi monthly program is a custom tailored program as per child goal.There are no prerequisites.Let your child celebrate incredible India! Enroll him/her (and siblings, too) to give them a fun-filled experience where they can learn to speak conversational Hindi and about the rich culture of India.

Our program is designed for kids with all levels of Hindi exposure. Kids will be exposed to Hindi at their own level. They will learn a lot for sure. They will keep making progress every week. Hindi monthly program also enable children to jump into the annual program in the fall.Those who came in with some beginner, intermediate or even advanced level improve their command of Hindi exponentially in this contagious atmosphere.


Hindi monthly program is the most flexible program of Vedic Hindi School.

Start Date End Date

Any month of the year. Any month of the Year.

Frequency Fees

Once a Week 50$ month

*If you enroll in more than one programs,you will get 20% discount in one of the programs.


Our curriculum,language instructors and fun environment are the key to your success. All the teachers are experienced, native-language professionals with their own area of specialization. We work to ensure that our students are paired with instructors who understand their needs and use the most effective language learning method.

Hindi Monthly Program


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