Vedic Hindi School supports, celebrates, and offers the vibrant traditions of Indian dance, music, and storytelling through performances.These performances are created through workshops, outreach and community programs, with a formal arts education with expert artists, choreographers, musicians, educators, activists.

Our classes run along with the school year. Through innovative performances, classes, workshops, lecture demonstrations and a strong arts-in-education base, we strive to encourage the growth of the classical arts of India in the US.


India is a land of many cultures, languages, and customs which may all be admired and appreciated through the performing arts. When viewing these multiple cultures, our obligation at the Indian Performing Arts Center is to look at the bigger picture. With that in mind, we have not only been able to provide award winning performances, but also an arena in which to promote the basic values of life involving lessons on self-esteem, self-confidence, sharing and caring for one another, and the opportunity to develop life long friendships.

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