Our Vision

Who we are & What we aim to be?

Our vision is to provide a platform to non-resident
Indians around the globe to collaborate through
language, culture and heritage.


Vedic Hindi School is volunteer organization involved in promoting Indian Languages, Vedic Mathematics, Arts and Sciences from India with the aim to address language and cultural needs of the Indo-American community across the globe.


The school curriculum is broken into classes to offer a variety of learning opportunities designed to keep the children engaged and active. Our teachers also make sure that each child is encouraged to proceed at his/her own pace.



Our mission is to celebrate the culture of India by providing opportunity and environment to participate in various festivals. This will provide awareness and understanding of Indian culture.



We are the outcome of the effort of the Indian community around Dallas, TX area. Our organization is founded by the community and we work for the community across the globe. 

Meet our team

working together to make your life easier

Poonam Thakur


My journey is a roller coaster started as Teacher, IT Developer, Home Maker and then Social Entrepreneur…!! HUH !!. I have worked hard to be the kind of person who exemplifies strong leadership and inspires others to excellence. Throughout my professional experience, I have been able to develop the skills needed to lead organizations. For over 15 years, I have been utilizing my skills and resources to help schools and non-profits impact their community. I am passionate about helping others succeed and accomplish their dreams. Studied innovative uses of technologies in languages education and STEM education. Research on innovative educational approaches in formal and informal learning contexts to improve minority youth participation and engagement in STEM education. Quantitative and qualitative studies of factors contributing to bilingual and bicultural development of youth.

Neetu Tewari

Volunteer Community Leader 

Namaste! I am Neetu Tewari, hailing from the hills of Uttarakhand. I am a postgraduate in Agriculture Science and a volunteer Hindi teacher by choice. For me Hindi is more than just a language, it's a bridge between our generation and future generations. I wish to create a relatable environment for our children and all native hindi speakers (especially those who are born and brought up in the US) so they feel belonged to and are encouraged to talk in hindi. Vedic Hindi School vision totally resonates with my passion. I like the amalgamation of old fashioned teaching & innovations which go hand in hand in VHS. I am also loving learning new skill sets and growing together as a volunteer Teacher with Vedic Hindi School Team.

Neha Nangia

Volunteer Technical Lead

Namaste! My name is Neha Nangia. 
I was born in New Delhi, India and brought up in the USA. While growing up, staying connected to my culture and language was very important for me. I've studied Hindi at the University of Michigan (reading, writing and speaking proficiently). I am very passionate about teaching Hindi and connecting it to our culture and heritage, especially for our children. It’s been an enriching experience to be part of Vedic Hindi School as a Baal Kaksha Teacher and Technical Lead.

Shivangi Raghav

Operations Lead

Namaste! I am Shivangi Raghav and was born in Meerut, India. I am a postgraduate in Computer Application and I am working as an administrator in VHS since 5 Years. In the world Hindi is one of the most spoken languages. About 60 crore people use Hindi.  Vedic Hindi School vision is to provide a platform to non-resident Indians around the globe to collaborate through language, culture and heritage.