Buiseness Services

In the age where the world is getting smaller, businesses and institutions should continue to invest in their Human resources to stay ahead. By constantly training your people to talk right, speak right and write right, you can bring your clients or stakeholders closer to your company.

Language is the core of every culture in every place around the world. We provide an array of cost-efficent and customized services to help your organization.

One to One

The one to one virtual training is custom-made according to your needs:

  • schedule
  • time
  • frequency
  • material
  • syllabus.

Vedic Hindi School E-Learning platform and worldwide base of teachers provide a secure,reliable and consistent learning experience.

* Taxes are separate

Tailored Training for individuals & organizations

Tailored training is
key to language success in a new environment, which is why we absolutely take
your needs, goals, and learning styles and craft a customized program to match
these. We then carefully select an instructor who can meet your needs. Your
instructor as a highly trained language professional, will further craft his or
her teaching style to best fit your language program.

For our online
language corporate courses, the virtual classroom has a maximum capacity of 10
students simultaneously.

Corporate Training Program

Communication across borders is strength. Being understood correctly and speaking a language the right way is vital for all spectrums of industries. Our Corporate Training Materials are carefully designed and customized for every customer, regularly evaluated and constantly upgraded by our proficient team of consultants. We will provide our customers with the most up-to-date information and training so as to help our customers achieve their corporate and institutional goals.

Vedic Hindi School’s Corporate Training Program is tailor made for the needs of various industries and institutions. We are able to customize our syllabus to suit your business or organization.With a team of trained professionals from different industries, our courses will help your organization achieve greater efficiency and service excellence.

Our corporate language services include:


We assist organizations in creating customized language training programs that align with their business needs. These programs are personalized to focus on specific language skills and culture to help retain your top talent and expand your business into different markets globally.



We can translate any written documents, marketing material, websites, multimedia, and videos. These services help organizations expand globally.



Interpreting is the conversion of the spoken word from one language (the source language) into another language (the target language). Interpretations can be simultaneous or consecutive. We offer professional interpretation services to assist with language limitations.



We also provide software, website, and product localization services to meet language, cultural and other requirements of a specific target market. If your organization is marketing a product globally, it's important to look at localizing the product. Localization is not only translating the manuals or the software into the target markets language, it also looks at the cultural differences of the target market and provides for these differences.