Hindi Immersion Online Preschool

Raising a bilingual child, fluent in both English and Hindi, is important to many parents. Studies have shown that learning a second language early in life is beneficial to brain development. It increases empathy and expands career opportunities in adulthood. But unless your household is bilingual, and your child has the chance to practice daily with fluent speakers, it can be difficult to give them this gift.

Hindi immersion is a bilingual education technique in which two languages are integrated into the same curriculum. Hindi Immersion Preschool is an early education environment where Hindi is taught naturally through daily activities. We believe that children are truly sponges and will absorb as much information as is presented to them. An immersion program will provide a large amount of exposure to a foreign language for the child. The earlier the enrollment in such a program, the higher the chance of absorbing the most abundant volume of foreign language development. Hindi Immersion preschool program includes getting tuned in to a culture’s traditions and practices.

In this program, we will be working on Children’s Developmental milestones according to their age group. We will focus on Communication Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Personal-Social, Fine Motor Skills, and Social-Emotional Development.

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Hindi Immersion Online Preschool

VHS Certificate after successful completion of Hindi Immersion Online Preschool.

Program Name: Hindi Immersion Online Preschool
Proficiency    Level Novice-Low
Age 3-5 Years
Learning Your child learns to do preschool learning speak using themes through Hindi/English language.
Course Format
Classes Per Week On-Demand
Course Length 10 Classes (Total 15 hours)
Class Duration(Hour) 1.5 Hour
Mode Online on VHS E-Learning Portal