Credit Program

Credit program refers to academic courses that provide students with more options to complete the regular requirement of their high school diploma. A complete credit shows that the student has read a language in-depth and now can pursue it on a higher level. The credit system allows children to have more career options language-wise

We offer Hindi language credits for students enrolled with Frisco ISD and Greenville County. 

Credit Program – Frisco ISD

Credit 1:

L1 + L2 (48 Hours+12 Hours of external activities  for each level) 

Credit 2:

L2 + L3 (48 Hours+12 Hours of external activities for each level)

2 Credits:

Total- 216 hours 

*Students will be rewarded with Credits only after the completion of 216 hours of learning. 

*Classes will be customized as per student/teacher schedule. 

Credit Program – Greenville County

Credit 1- Kaksha2+ kaksha3

Credit 2- Kaksha4 + HMS1

Credit 3- HMS 2

Credit 4- HMS 3


  1. What is a credit program?

A credit program will allow kids to get credit by doing our online Hindi classes. For one credit they need to complete the course of two classes, overall four semesters. For eight semesters in school students will get 2 credits. 

  1. What is the requirement to enroll in Credit Program?

Students who have completed 6th grade are eligible for the credit program.

  1. Who can take these classes?

Any student who wants to get credits in the Hindi language and has passed 6th grade can take credit program classes. 

  1. How to register for the program?

To register for the program student only need to go to the website and click on the credit program. From there you can sign up on our portal and enroll yourself after paying the fee, 

  1. After the completion of one Kaksha, what will my kid get?

After completing one Kaksha kid will not get anything. After completing 2 Kakshas kid will get 1 credit and after completing 4 Kakshas kid will receive 2 credits.

  1. Can my kid get two credits by doing two Kakshas only?

No. Students need to complete all 8 semesters to receive 2 credits. 

  1. What if I do not want to continue the credit program after three Kakshas?

If a student wants to drop off after 3 Kakshas then s/he will receive only 1 credit. To get both credit student need to complete the 4th Kaksha as well.