Importance of Learning Language ,Cultute and Heritage 

Cultural heritage is something that all human beings share; wherever we come from there is a culture that follows us from that place. No matter where you grow up, where you go, your culture will always be something you can take with you. 

  • Understanding means Appreciating
  • Students Will be Inspired to Connect to Their Culture
  • Language is a culture carrier
  • Our Future will Benefit from the Teaching of Cultural Heritage
  • We Connect to Each Other
  • We Can Work together to Protect Cultural Heritage

Glimpse of Statistics

  • Total 32 Million NRIs (Non-Resident Indians) are living across the world.**
  • Out of that 70% (~22 million) are living in US, UAE, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, United Kingdom, Canada, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Kuwait.
  • US alone have around 4-5 Million Indian origin population.

All NRIs across the globe have one common Problem.

How to Connect their Children with Indian Roots?


Our vision is to provide a platform to non-resident Indians around the globe to collaborate through language, culture and heritage.

  • Promote, encourage, and make social change
  • Less business goals more social goals
  • Retain and reinvest profits into the local economy
  • Everyone owns. No hierarchy.
  • Neighborhoods can contribute to a sense of local identity
  • More self-sufficient or less fundraising
  • Non-religious, Non-political
AskaClass Platform is for Community
The courses we offer

We offer 100+ short courses on AskaClass platform such as…

  • Heritage Courses
  • Language Courses
  • Culture Courses

Learners can choose language of their choice of delivery.